What is a Gallery Wall?

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a collection of art arranged on a wall for decoration. Including photographs, paintings, statues, or any other kind of art will help bring style and personality into your home. Gallery walls make a great centerpiece that gives a room a sense of unity and cohesiveness.

How to Select the Art Included in Your Gallery Wall

Gallery theme

1. Create a gallery wall at home: Select your theme

When selecting art for your gallery wall, it’s a good idea to begin with a theme. Using a selected theme will give your wall a more cohesive look. Also help you narrow down the type of art you want to include. Some popular themes are family, nature, travel, or identity. For instance, in using a travel theme you can place photos, postcards, or mementos from previous trips you’ve taken. A great way to display all your experiences in one place.

gallery textures

2. Create a gallery wall at home: Apply items of different sizes

Select one or two larger-sized items of art to be the main piece on your gallery wall. Then, surround the key art pieces with small to medium sized art. This will attract attention to the larger art pieces and create focal points on your gallery wall.

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3. Create a gallery wall at home: Incorporate a variety of textures

Using different textures in your gallery wall will create a unique and creative feel of a space. Details in the frames that you use, wooden (natural, dark, birch), metallic (silver or gold), and neutral (black or white), could create texture. As well as using mirrors, vases, shelves, or even serving platters to create a variety of dimensions. In the previous gallery wall the candles, wall shelves, and flowers add a 3D element  while making the space reflect a more personal style. The use of non-image pieces also serve as a means to fit the television in as just another element.

Perfect colors

4. Create a gallery wall at home: choose the perfect colors

In achieving the perfect color scheme, try using only 2-3 colors. Focus on colors that complement each other or monochromatic color schemes. Creating a color palette can be useful in controlling your color schemes. Using bold colors for main pieces of art and the surrounding pieces lighter shades of the same color will help create a good balance in your gallery wall.

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